IASSW: List of Committees

IASSW committee list-Sept. 2017

Committee Chair/Co-chair Members
Capacity building Chair:  Darla Spence Coffey

Co-chair :   Vimla Nadkarni

Wassie Kebede, In Young Han,   Linda Kreitzer,  Janet Williams,  Angelina Yuen, Karene-Anne Nathaniel-DeCaires,  Fentiny Nugroho,  Janestic Mwende Twikirize,  Ute Straub
International projects Chair: David  McNabb

Co-chair: Darja  Zavirsek

Letnie Rock , Fentiny Nugroho,  Linda Kreitzer, Ute Straub, Karene-Anne Nathaniel-DeCaires
Research Chair:   Dixon Sookraj

Co-chair:  Marcus Knutagård

Anna Metteri ,Darja Zavirsek,  Surinder Guru,  Brian Littlechild, Tuula Heinonen
Global Agenda Chair: Antoinette Lombard

Co-chair: Janestic  Mwende Twikirize

 Regional observatories ,  Lena Dominelli
Human rights Chair:

Co-chair: Hernando Muñoz Sanchez

Letnie Rock , Antoinette Lombard, Surinder Guru, Nino Zganec, Janet Williams,  Nilsa Burgos, Lynne Healy
Sustainability, Climate Change, Disaster Intervention Chair: Lena Dominelli

Co-chair: Nino Zganec

Letnie Rock ,  Antoinette Lombard,  Bala Raju Nikku
IASSW-UN International Committee Chair: Lena Dominelli

Co-chair:  Vimla Nadkarni

United Nations, New York; Main representative- Lynne Healy

Bala Raju Nikku, Nino Zganec,  Gidraph  Wairire, Faisal Azaiza
Women Interest group Chair: Darja  Zavirsek

Co-chair: Fran  Waugh

Zhang Lixi,  Ute Straub
Membership Recruitment and Retention Chair: Barbara shank

Co-chair:  Nino Zganec

Fentiny Nugroho, Hernando Muñoz Sanchez
Communications and Publications  (Social Dialogue magazine and book publications) Chair:  Linda  Kreitzer

Co-chair:   Carolyn Noble

Angelina  Yuen, Helle Strauss, Vimla Nadkarni,  Anna Metteri,   Zhang Lixi,  Faisal Azaiza,  Brian Littlechild,  Karen Schwartz
Language Committee Chair: Janestic Mwende Twikirize

Co-chair: David  McNabb

 Mie Ohwa (Mimi), Hernando  Muñoz Sanchez
Review of  World Census committee Chair:    John Rautenbach

Co-chair: Linda  Kreitzer

Tetyana Semigina , Angelina BH, Gidraph  Wairire, Bala Raju Nikku, Brian Littlechild, Dixon Sookraj
Budget, Finance and solidarity committee Chair: Mark Henrickson

Co-chair:  Mie Ohwa (Mimi)

Darla  Spence Coffey,  John Rautenbach
Nominating Committee Chair:  Tetyana Semigina

Co-chair:   Nilsa Burgos


Angelina Yuen,  Janestic  Mwende Twikirize , Mie Ohwa,  Shirley Gatenio Gabel,  Janet Williams
Tripartite Committee Chair: Annamaria Campanini

Co-chair: Barbara Shank

 Mark Henrickson
Honors and Award

(Katherine Kendall Awards  Eileen Younghusband Lecture)

Chair:  Gidraph  Wairire

Co-chair:   Nilsa Burgos

Nino Zganec, Fentiny Nugroho,  Karene-Anne Nathaniel-DeCaires
Task force on review of ethical principles Chair: Vishanthie Sewpaul Bala Raju Nikku, Mark Henrickson,  Yongxiang Xu,  Hernando  Muñoz Sanchez, Dixon Sookraj, Carolina Muñoz
Task force on Archive of IASSW Chair: Lynne Healy


Darja Zavirsek
Task Force on Governance of IASSW Chair: Annamaria Campanini

Co-Chair: Jhon  Rautenbach (for consultation Mark Henrickson and Barbara Shank)

 Jhon Rautenbach, Gidraph  Wairire, Nilsa Burgos, Tatsuru Akimoto, Zhang Lixi
Task Force on Global Standard Chair:  Dixon Sookraj

Co-Chair:  Ute  Straub

Vimla Nadkarni