September 2015
Programme Consultations
The IASSW aims to promote the development and expansion of social work education, in
accordance with its mission statement and based on peer consultation. IASSW Programme
Consultations are one manifestation of this aim. The full policy and guidance are to be found
on the IASSW web site under Education; it may be noted that the outcome is not validation or
accreditation. The aim of the peer consultation is to subject Programmes to scrutiny from all
stake holders including a small team of international and regional ‘critical friends’ in a manner
that reflects the defining statements of the IASSW and IFSW: The Global Standards for the
Education and Training of the Social Work Profession, The Definition of Social Work, the Ethics in
Social Work: Statement of Principles and in the spirit of The Global Agenda for Social Work and
Social Development: Commitment to Action.
This document should be read in conjunction with the IASSW Programme Consultations – Policy
A formal application should be submitted to the President of IASSW for consideration by the Capacity
Building Committee with a statement about their organisational membership status. A decision will be
made jointly between the Committee and the President, based on the request and the capacity of the
IASSW to respond, and will be communicated to the School/organisation by the President. The Capacity
Building Committee will be responsible for inviting suitable members to join the Consultation team.
The following information will be included in the formal application to the President:
o The reasons and aims of the Consultation
o The preferred weeks or periods available for the Consultation
o Lead person who will take responsibility for coordinating communication with the
IASSW Consultation Team (the programme correspondent)
o Membership status (reference where relevant).
We encourage dialogue with the Capacity Building committee before submitting an application.
Before the application is accepted:
1. The applicant will be informed of the main IASSW correspondent;
2. The fees and costs must be agreed (The fee structure is to be found on the IASSW Programme
Consultations – Policy). The agreement will include the level of fee, timing of payment (6-8
September 2015
weeks prior to the visit) and the expense covered (air travel, accommodation, meals and local
transport for the IASSW Consultation Team members).
3. Membership status is confirmed.
4. The programme correspondent and the IASSW correspondent, along with the Consultation
Team, will enter into dialogue about the stakeholders for the ‘Local Consultative Team’ with the
aim of making representation as wide as possible. Normally stakeholders would include
management, teaching staff, administrators, students, field instructors, service agency
representatives and where possible service users’ and carers’ as well as others identified by the
university or social work organisation;
5. The Local Consultative Team will complete the self-appraisal based on the Global Standards for
Education and Training of the Social Work Profession. This completed self-appraisal should be
arrive with the IASSW Consultation Team lead at least 30 days before the proposed visit along
with relevant documentation.
Find Self-appraisal on the web site, IASSW Programme Consultatons – Self-Appraisal 2015
Prior to the Consultation IASSW will, following formal confirmation of the application:
o Form a representative Consultation Team, via the Capacity Building sub-committee,
normally consisting of two or three members.
 Recognising that the strength of IASSW is its international membership
 Members of the team will be chosen so that they can respond to the specific
local and regional requirements as set out by the local organisations. The
Consultation team will include those with expertise and cultural knowledge
relevant to the setting
 The Consultation Team will include at least one IASSW Board member
 At least one member will be selected from the same region
 No more than one member will come from any one country
 No one from the host university can sit on the IASSW team
o IASSW will confirm who will be responsible for coordinating communication between
the IASSW Consultation Team and the local organisation/school;
o The treasurer will send the programme correspondent an invoice for the Consultation
fee in good time before the visit. Payment should follow such that it arrives six to eight
weeks before the visit commences.
o The IASSW team will familiarise themselves with the existing provision and the aims for
the Consultation as outlined in the information provided and the self-assessment
September 2015
exercise. This will require all documentation to be received by IASSW at least 30 days
before the visit.
During the Consultation:
o The Global Standards for Education and Training of the Social Work Profession will be
used as the primary benchmark for conducting IASSW Consultations;
o The ‘Local Consultative Team’ will lead the arrangements for the visit in order to ensure
that it meets local needs. This will be done in consultation with the IASSW Consultation
Team before the visit.
o The IASSW Consultation Team will aim to empower the Local Consultative Team in
identifying progress and solutions towards their own stated mission and goals. This may
include the provision of information drawn from other parts of the world in order to
stimulate discussion towards their stated goals and to meet the Global Standards for
Education and Training criteria;
o The consultation process will respect local culture and will sensitively address challenges
and any conflicts between local culture and the Global Standards for Education and
Training of the Social Work the Definition of Social Work and Ethics in Social Work:
Statement of Principles;
o The IASSW Consultation Team will meet with all stakeholders in the Local Consultative
Team to ensure that the process is as participatory as possible;
o Towards the end of the visit all the stakeholders involved in the consultations will meet
to formally review progress and future actions designed to meet the local goals and the
Global Standards for Education and Training criteria. This will be an opportunity for
agreement or dissent and this will form the basis of a jointly constructed report
containing information about the process of the Consultation, as well as the outcomes
for developing social work education locally.
After the Consultation:
o The IASSW lead and the Local Consultative Team lead will write and exchange their
reports, based on the joint Consultation meeting. If discussion is needed this will take
place before the final report is produced. The final report will consist of feedback from
both the IASSW and the Local Consultative Team and will be completed within three
months of the visit.
o The conclusions of the final report will be disseminated to the Board members of the
IASSW as part of the Capacity Building Committee report. Other elements of the report
will be used to revise the Consultation Guidance but would not normally be published in
full by the IASSW;
September 2015
o The School/organisation will normally provide feedback on their progress six months
after receiving the final report (i.e. nine months after the Consultation visit);
o The IASSW Consultation team will critically examine its work and identify lessons learnt for presentation to the Capacity Building Committee and the IASSW Board.
Chair Capacity Building Committee – Janet Williams
September 2015