Sharing Our Stories:  Making Visible Social Work’s Contribution to the COVID-19 Outbreak


Dear members of IASSW and friends of social work,

We hope you are all well, even if you are dealing with the unprecedented demands of COVID-19 on our families, friends, communities and service users. The corona virus has now penetrated virtually every country in the world and is making many new demands on our profession. Although physical international exchanges have been halted for the moment, IASSW will support everyone wishing to share their valuable experiences and unique social work practices from all corners of the world through its website.  Social work educators, researchers, students, and practitioners are often the unsung heroes in any disaster.  IASSW knows that many in our profession have worked tirelessly, often at great risk to themselves given the lack of protective clothing, to safeguard human well-being, children and older people in this corona virus pandemic. There are lessons to be shared from every country that has been affected, and IASSW can facilitate the collection of these stories so that we can share them and learn from each other.  To this end, IASSW is inviting all those who would like to share their stories of the work they have done to support others survive COVID-19, and hopefully, ultimately to thrive to submit them for sharing through the IASSW website – you can write in your own language and provide an English translation to widen readership.

Please send 200-500 words and 2 photos where possible (2) to and copy in the Chair of the Committee on Disaster Interventions, Climate Change and Sustainability,

Please respond soon so that everyone can appreciate the valuable work you are doing.  Through sharing we can support and encourage one another in mutual understanding as we come together to overcome the isolation and hardship imposed on humanity by the corona virus.

Stay safe and stay well!


Best wishes from IASSW


Video Messages:

COVID-19: Message from IASSSW President- Prof. Annamaria Campanini

Covid-19 – IASSW Announcement from Prof. Lena Dominelli , Chair of the Disaster Intervention, Climate Change and Sustainability Committee of IASSW.



IASSW bears no responsibility for the veracity or these stories. Nor does it endorse in any way what is being depicted. IASSW is simply providing a means whereby people can communicate with each other without being vetted during a time of a global health crisis. However, IASSW, as a professional body for social work, expects all contributors to contribute in good faith and on the basis of ethical behaviour as stipulated in the Ethical Document on the IASSW website Global Social Work Statement of Ethical Principles and showing full respect for the dignity and human rights of all peoples.