School of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Nanjing University launched International Renowned Universities Public Courses


Prepared by:

Prof. Peng Huamin, Prof. Xiao Ping, Dr. Li Chunkai

MSW Education Center & Department of Social Work and Social Policy, Nanjing University, China


Responding to the call of the National Steering Committee for Master’s Degree Education in Social Work and the China Association for Social Work Education (CASWE), and following the regulations of Ministry of Education and Nanjing University, the MSW education center and the Department of Social Work and Social Policy at Nanjing University jointly launched a collection of international renowned universities public courses. These online learning resources broaden the international views of students, researchers and practitioners in the field of social work, and highlight the significance of human services.

Under the guidance of Prof. Peng Huamin, the director of MSW center, Associate Professor Xiao Ping, the dean of Department of Social Work and Social Policy and Dr. Li Chunkai, the MSW 2019 team and Human Behavior and Social Environment team at Nanjing University recommended the high-quality resources in the social work areas after rigorous evaluation of the themes, lecturers and contents of the courses. Prof. Guan Xinping, the executive vice President of China Association for Social Work Education, Prof. Ma Fengzhi, the vice President and Secretary General of China Association for Social Work Education, Prof. Tan Ngoh Tiong, the Chairman of the Advisory Committee of International School of Social Work, Prof. Xing Hongfang, the Vice President of Political Science and Law, Zhengzhou University of Light Industry, Xu Bin, Associate Professor of Department of Sociology, University of Science and Technology Beijing and other professionals proposed substantive suggestions for us, which expanded the coverage and improved the specialization of this course collection.

This series of courses come from national and global elite universities, including Harvard University, Stanford University, Tsinghua University, Nanjing University, and Beijing Normal University. These courses cover the fields of social work, sociology, psychology, public health and other related disciplines. The topics of the courses integrate macro social issues, like social justice, social transition, and social welfare policies, with micro individual development, such as the well-being of women, children and other vulnerable groups. Additionally, taking into account the current situation of the COVID-19, the special courses related to epidemic prevention and control, such as disaster management, risk intervention and public health, were collected in this series of courses.


This series of courses was published on the WeChat official account entitled “Nanjing University Social Work.” The views of per session reached 1,000, with a maximum of more than 5,000. This course collection has been widely acclaimed and recognized by academics and practitioners, with regards to its international perspective and fruitful contents. Our work has been reposted and spread by the China Association for Social Work Education (CASWE), Jiangsu Social Work Association, Voice of Social Workers, Inclusive Social Work and other social media. In addition, this course collection has been affirmed by experts and used for social work education in many universities in China.

During the special period of the outbreak of COVID-19, the Department of Social Work and Social Policy at Nanjing University has been firmly adhering to the belief of “ensuring learning undisrupted when classes are disrupted.” Armed with professional knowledge and steadfast spirit, we have the faith to overcome the difficulties and achieve the victory of the anti-virus war.