Update from a Member of the Saudi Society for Health and Social Service


Name:                 Amira Al-Faraj

Nationality:        Saudi Citizen

Specialization:   Social Services


About me:

  • Social Worker and Family Counselor.
  • Trained in human development and social fields.
  • Member of the Saudi Society for Health and Social Service.
  • Founder of (the Pot of Think) Initiative.

To begin with, I’d like to thank you.  I appreciate this humanitarian initiative and I’m very thankful to all social workers around the world for the work they are doing now.  My involvement may be different from the other contributions on interventions of this crisis, I considered many Covid-19 cases on social media networks, Twitter, Snapchat.  From the moment the virus broke out, infected people recorded and documented their treatment journeys with a positive outlook.  Although, the negative side of those transmitting fake information and rumors was also evident.

The family plays a significant role in promoting and encouraging the destruction of Covid-19, by providing health education and connections between families.The communication requires a focus to take responsibility and communicate in a positive manner to the infected person, using video calling and other recent communication technologies (to tell them that, they are excited for them to return home with their fullest health and well-being).

My role is as a social worker is to support, advise and help the person to acknowledge the corona virus has infected them, as well as to provide them with correct information and to follow the instructions that have been issued by the Ministry of Health.  Moreover, putting together a treatment plan arranged with the medical team for each person, covering their needs, and trying to suppress the Covid-19 virus and enhance the chances of a positive outcome for each person.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and many countries that also contribute to decreasing the spread of Covid-19 by establishing the Home Quarantine Law, a curfew of 15 hours per day.  To relieve congestion in the supermarkets, organizational plans were formed to avoid gatherings and meetings, close Holy Places, obey the home quarantine, and use it as an opportunity to discover and advance talent, exercise and other beneficial actions to reduce catastrophic thinking, panic and negative stereotypes resulting from the spread of the corona virus pandemic.


Saudi Arabia has small communities and villages that are unaware of preventive measures.  Indeed, we must educate them about these and help them financially and morally, and seek the help of charities fighting Covid-19 by guiding them to move forward.  As well as following the protection policies, pause farming activities, protecting their animal gardens, and being aware of the precautionary measures necessary to reduce the spread of the corona virus.

Ultimately, for every social worker in the world, in this critical moment that is facing the world, the novel corona virus, Covid-19, which harms and affects human health and the physical environment, the health system and the global economy.  By managing initiatives that increase individual awareness, meet the ambitions of our people, the goals of social services, enhance the role of our governments, and combine our efforts, we will overcome this pandemic.