Managing your lifestyle during the COVID 19 lockdown

Rashmi Pandey

Executive Office-International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW)


The COVID-19 pandemic is presenting an extraordinary experience for all of us. This includes lockdown,  a rough time coping with the challenges brought on by abrupt changes in lifestyle.

For me there is NO big change in my lifestyle as I have been working from home since August 2016. Yes, I do miss my brisk walk everyday but I found alternatives – switching on music and dancing; walking  inside my home.

There are 4 in my family: Raj (Dr Rajneesh Pandey, husband ) a doctor working in a KEM hospital;  my mother in law (senior citizen), teen-age daughter and me. In March, April, Raj had to deliver online classes for medical students to teach anatomy. As COVID positive cases increased in May, doctors are becoming infected while hospitals need more doctors. All online classes have been suspended and students will have to complete assignments and course work given to them. As Raj travels to the general hospital regularly, we take many precautions to stay safe at home. He lives in a separate room and takes all precautions necessary.

I work for an international organisation, so I have to work according to the global clock. I do not have 10 to-5 PM, 5  days/week as most Indian offices do. Sometimes my working day starts in early morning, sometimes late at night. It depends upon the amount of work, including numerous emails, and meetings.

Having changed everyone’s life, lockdown  can cause anxiety and stress. As a doctor’s wife, I get stressed sometimes, and feel like a soldier’s wife when the husband leaves for duty.

Some points on how I have changed my routine to curb stress levels:

Conducting family prayers

During this frightening crisis, it is essential to spend some time worshipping and praying to God. Me & my sisters (from different cities of India) who connect with WhatsApp video call to chant ‘Gayatri Mantra’ . In the evening, all family members gather and pray together to Almighty God. A few minutes of prayers and holy contemplation can kill your day’s stress and impart peace to the mind.

Doing yoga and other exercises

During this lockdown, I try to keep as fit as possible. I regularly do an hour of exercise and yoga every morning. I switch on the devotional/spiritual music and do Yoga, Pranayama, Nadi Sodhana, Kapalabhati Pranayama, Anuloma Pranayama and Bhramri Pranayama. The benefits of Pranayama include improved blood circulation, immunity, relaxed body and mind and improved concentration., It also relieves stress, depression, and hypertension., asthma, headache, migraine, neurological problems, and gastric problems.

Playing indoor games

Playing games like businesses, chess, Ludo, and other card games provide great entertainment during lockdown.  I play with my daughter, and she wins almost every time.

Watching movies and TV shows

We really enjoy watching mythological and comedy shows.

My advice is, ‘Use your time in lockdown wisely. Utilize this time to improve your skills, stay positive and reduce stress and anxiety’.

Playing business Indoor game



Online prayer meet with family