IASSW draws your attention to a compilation of country reports on the COVID-19 pandemic which it is hosting on the website to provide access to as many people as possible to this resource:

China Country briefing on the role of social work during the COVID-19 : China Country briefing on the role of social work during the COVID-19(3) FINAL



The editors of this compilation of country reports are aware that there are many countries that have not submitted a report. They would like to request that those who live in countries not included here, write one and send it to Lena Dominelli at

Each report has to be formatted according to the following headings:

The Country

  1. Country Context: Facts and Figures

Population and population density:

Number of infectious cases and time period:

Number of deaths (if possible by age groups, gender and region):

Number of deaths in specific settings, such as care homes for elderly and residential care for children (if known and applicable):


  1. State and other societal measures addressing social consequences of coronavirus

The extent of isolation (in short: what was closed down, what was forbidden, penalties for breaking the rules)

State measures to address social problems and needs (Who is taking state support and how)

Status of social welfare services, authorities and professionals in media


  1. Social services response

The mode of operation of social services (whatever this means in a country specific settings) in times of coronavirus measures (were they closed down, how they approached users, was there any face to face contact…)

Guidelines for social services from responsible authorities in relation to working with clients in need for immediate intervention (child protection, violence, mental health problems….)

Use of digital tools in working with clients and teamwork among staff

Main concerns expressed by social services


  1. Social work response (my coincide with previous section)

Most affected groups defined by social workers

Innovative and/or alternative approaches to communities, clients and their needs

Main obstacles to approach and support communities and clients

Critical evaluation of state measures

The role of national associations of social workers in supporting practitioners during corona crisis


  1. Concluding comments.