Elections 2016 : Announcement of Candidates


IASSW- Election Results for 2016-2020

The IASSW Election result announced at the General Assembly on June 28, 2016 in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

IASSW President 

Annamaria Campanini

Professor of social work at Milano Bicocca University, Italy

IASSW Secretary 

Barbara W. Shank

Dean and Professor School of Social Work University of St. Thomas, St.

Catherine University, USA

IASSW Member –at Large 

  1. Faisal Azaiza

Professor Faisal Azaiza is Professor in the Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Sciences at the School of Social Work at Haifa University, Israel

  1. Ute Straub 

Professor of Social Pedagogy / Social Sciences

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Germany

 Following candidates stood for election:

1. Annamaria Campanini
» Chinese | French | English | Japanese | Spanish

2. Vimla Nadkarni
» Chinese | French | English | Japanese | Español

There are 2 candidates for the position of the IASSW Secretary:

1. Carolina Muñoz
» Chinese | English | Japanese | Spanish

2. Barbara W. Shank
» Chinese | English | Japanese | Spanish

There are 5 candidates for the two positions of Member at Large:

1. Faizal Azaiza
» Chinese | French | English | Japanese | Spanish

2. Nada Eltaiba
» Chinese | French | English | Japanese | Spanish

3. Bala Nikku
» Chinese | French | English | Japanese | Spanish

4. Ute Straub
» Chinese | French | English | Japanese | Spanish

5. Lars Uggerhøj
» Chinese | French | English | Japanese | Spanish

Election announcement is available here: elections announc

We invite you to participate in the IASSW elections to be held between in April-June, with results announced at the General Assembly in Seoul, South Korea.

The on-line voting is available here:https://goo.gl/ihRnG6

The deadline for on-line voting is 17th June 2016.

If you have questions about membership status, you may email the IASSW Secretary (Dr. Tetyana Semigina) at [email protected]

Ballots may also be submitted in person until noon (12.00) June 28th, 2016 at the IASSW booth,  Seoul Congress.