Komalsingh Rambaree
(AKA Ajit)
Short Biography


I am 49 years old and I am from Mauritius. Currently, I am working as an Associate Professor of Social Work at the University of Gävle.

I did most of my studies in the field of social sciences at the University of Manchester, in the United Kingdom. I started my career in 1990, as a social worker with youth and adolescents in the Ministry of Youth and Sports –Mauritius. After having several years of experience as a social worker in various national and international organisations, I began my academic career as a lecturer in social work at the University of Mauritius in 2001. During my PhD, I have been teaching in England as part-time lecturer of social work and social policy. I moved to Sweden in 2009. My teaching and research areas include; Ecosocial/Green Social Work, International Social Work, Adolescent and Youth Development, and Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis with ATLAS-ti. I have been heading social work unit and programmes at two different universities, one in Mauritius and one in Sweden. I can communicate in four languages English, French (including Creole), Hindi (including Bhojpuri) and Swedish.

Vision Statement
Excelling Together

IASSW is a modern and innovative global organisation achieving worldwide excellence in social work education through collaboration and the promotion of diversity and sustainability. In this endeavour, I would like to support IASSW’s mission by mobilising resources through new channels, fora, tools, and technologies. Among others, I would like to contribute towards the following agenda together with board and other members during 2020-2024:

1. Application of latest internet-based tools and technologies for bettering information, communication and sustainability initiatives among members and others. In the future, more and more users will adopt internet-based tools and technologies for various functions in society. Tools and technologies (such as apps/software) are emerging constantly and rapidly. Organisations such as IASSW require support and expertise in assessing and applying relevant new tools and technologies for enhancing the management of the organisation and its activities. New tools and technologies can also help towards making IASSW more visible to the world.

2. Set-up an online sub-committee/global forum within IASSW for promoting the participation of representatives of learners from member schools. Schools include social work leaners that need to participate in IASSWs’ activities. Their participation is crucial in achieving IASSW’s mission.

3. Create a special solidarity fund within IASSW from climate compensation donation/contribution (through new mobile apps during global/regional conferences for closing the global disparity in the resources for social work education around the world.

4. Develop and bridge new linkages between IASSW (including sub/regional-committees) and other major international actors (with similar mission as IASSW). Many international organisations (like UN) are involved in educating and training social workers. Such organisations need to be identified and collaborative and coordination mechanisms need to be set up.

5. Participate fully in writing and implementing IASSW’s plan (short and long term) of actions (including strategies) for 2020-2024