TITLE OF THIS EDITION: Armed conflicts and disasters: Voices from the ‘unheard’. 

We live in a world where the many atrocities and disasters impact the everyday lives of millions across the globe. The failure of the current global system is evident even in the natural disasters that cause widespread destruction. Human violation and suffering are human rights and social work issues, and the social work fraternity must speak out about the human impact of these events and about the systemic injustices that cause them. Whilst some disasters and atrocities are deemed newsworthy and dominate the international media platforms others receive little or no attention.  Those wars, conflicts and disasters ignored by media platforms, do not elicit global interventions, and run the risk of being wiped out from history altogether, leaving us with questions of whose lives are worth mourning.

The IASSW Human Rights and Social Justice committee invites social workers from the global community to highlight their experiences and views on conflicts happening in their regions, the impact and implications for communities, for social work practice, education and research from a human rights perspective of justice. This edition of the Social Dialogue Magazine will create a platform where we discuss and document various human disasters and atrocities from different regions and through this, ensure that multiple voices are heard about the impact on human life and survival.

We are inviting authors to present their articles as follows:

  • A discussion on wars, conflicts, or disasters in your region, the impact on human life and the systemic responses to these, particularly for social work, social work practice and/or social work research.
  • Articles should be limited to 2000 words, including references.
  • Each article should include a photo of the authors and accompanying photo linked to your article (if relevant) as well as a brief, one-line listing of their affiliation.

The due date for the submission of your articles: 16 September 2022.

Feedback to authors: 8 October 2022

Articles to be send to:

From the Editorial Team:

Annaline Keet, Janet Walker, Shirley Gatenio Gabel, Jessica Jönsson, Chaitali Das

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