IASSW launches the “Task Force” on Global Standards (2020)

The International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW), in collaboration with the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW), has launched its latest iteration of the Global Standards for Social Work Education and Training.

IASSW looks forward to working with schools of social work across the globe to implement these standards to achieve excellence in social work education, that is grounded in deep respect for cultural and regional contexts.

The revised Global Standards were launched at various workshops, webinars and seminars. IASSW has convened a Task Force of thought leaders to develop ways to support the adoption of the standards as a framework for social work education across the globe.  Some recent activities include:

  • Survey of social work education programs in Africa to assess alignment with the Global Standards (in partnership with the Association of the Schools of Social Work in Africa).
  • Presentations on the Global Standards and discussions on their implications at Liguria Regional Council of Social Work (Italy); Lazio Regional Council of Social Work (Italy); the Social Work Education and Social Development online conference; with educators at the  Association of South African Social Work Education (ASASWEI) 2021 conference; the European Social Work Research Association conference (Amsterdam); Rajagiri College of Social Sciences (India); Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Inter-Sectoral Regional Conference on Strengthening the ASEAN Road Map; University of Pretoria & Iran Association of Social Workers.
  • Application of the Standards in the field as a response to the pandemic, poverty and inequality in Naples, Italy, parts of Mainland China, the European Union, and Africa.
  • Interactive workshop with social work educators in Vietnam on curriculum development.

 Members of the IASSW Global Standards Task Force include:

  • Annamaria Campanini (Italy), Chair
  • Barbara Shank (United States)
  • Dixon Sookraj (Canada)
  • Angelina Yuen (Hong Kong SAR, China)
  • Darla Spence Coffey (United States)
  • Varoshini Nadesan (South Africa)
  • Marcus Knutagard (Sweden)
  • Latin America Rep. (To be announced)

A reminder: IASSW Capacity Building Committee offers Peer Review Consultation services, intentionally and explicitly aligned with the Global Standards: https://www.iassw-aiets.org/capacity-building/.

IASSW plans to launch an online certificated course in 2023, for educators worldwide to comprehend and reflect on the Global Standards. Details to follow.

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