IASSW is pleased to announce that we will collaborate with Springerbriefs in publishing two book series: They feature leading national and international scholars reflecting on key social work practice, issues and debates, topics and innovative developments in social work education across the globe, gathering their work and ideas into these important book series.

The book series will be researched based, forward looking and contributing to professional practice and curriculum development in social work education, policy, research, training and professional development.

By bringing together internationally recognised authors and expertise to focus on an array of issues and concerns this series will reinforce social work as a global profession contributing to the significantly important area of social and welfare policy, education, and practice.

The series will also provide opportunities for social work professionals and educators in countries and regions where their voices are seldom heard in the international community to participate in this project.

Theme 1: Advancing Social Work Practice, Policy and Research
Goal: Provide cutting edge research and practiced based models for advancing social work in the new era.

1.      Social Work Models of Practice and Development –  Contact: Professor PK Shajahan, Tiong TAN

New models of practice and theory development

Social research and model development

Indigenous models of social work practice

Social leadership and international development models

Governing social work

Social Work in the times of political conflicts

Families and cultures in transition.

  1. Social Work Practice Research – Contact: Professor Darja Zaversik

New research paradigms for social work practice

Learning by doing – qualitative approaches to research

Social worker and data management

Changing social workers’ perspectives

Social workers’ professional narratives in social and political contexts

Reflexive narratives of Social Workers

  1. Community, Social Development and Sustainability – Contact: Professor Pamela Singla

Green social work, climate change and sustainable development

Disaster and crisis management and pandemic and social intervention

Food and security challenge

Migration and new economy

Social work with elderly population

Social development and global restructuring

Intersectional issues and challenges: ethnicity, anti-racism; neo-colonialism; ageism

  1. Pushing Boundaries in International Social work and Social Justice – Contact: Darla Coffey

International social work and social issues, globalization and social change

Global agenda, regional, multilateral, and bilateral collaboration

Dealing with social justice issues: gender, criminal justice

Human rights advocacy from a social work perspective

Social development and SDGs

Theme 2: Advancing Social Work Education
Goal: Provide and updated survey of international social work education as well as a resource for the future of social work education.

  1. New Developments in Social Work Education and Curriculum – Contact: Professor Carolyn Noble

Global agenda social work education

Globalisation social work education

Social work values and education

Social work field education development

Decolonising social work education

Anthropocene and social work

Global standards: universality and diversity

  1. Resource Material and References on Social Work Education – Contact: Barbara Shank

Trends in global social work education

Curriculum development for international social work standards

New development of key social work courses, curriculum, and syllabi

Teaching social welfare, development, and administration

Critical pedagogy in teaching social work

  1. Social Work Education and Scholarships – Contact: Angelina Yuen & Eric Chui

Online Teaching and E-courses and innovative programmes

Schools of social work, associations such as IASSW, APASWE, CSWE

Historization of social work education across the Globe

Future of social work education

Social work scholarships, development, and research

Social work education in the academy: alignment and tension

  1. Contemporary Issues in Social Work Education – Contact: Assoc Professor Minna Zechner

Green Social Work

Feminist Social Work

Diversity in Social Work

Human Rights Perspective in social work education

Resilience, Disaster Preparedness, and sustainability

Cross national Collaboration in social work education

Technology, Social Media and De-socialisation

Editorial Board

The Series & Volume Editors

Corresponding Editor: Professor Ngoh Tiong TAN, Adjunct Professor, Singapore University of Social Sciences, Chair, Global Institute of Social Sciences. tannt@suss.edu.sg

Advancing Social Work Practice, Policy and Research – Series Editor: Professor PK Shajahan

Professor P.K. Shajahan, Dean, Academic Affairs at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai and Vice-President of International Council on Social Welfare. India, shajahan@tiss.edu

Editorial Team:

Professor Darja Zaversik, Chair of the Dept. Of Social Justice and Inclusion, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia; President of the European sub-regional Association of Schools of Social Work. Slovenia. Darja.Zavirsek@fsd.uni-lj.si

Dr Darla Spence Coffey, Ph.D., M.S.W. Former President and Chief Executive Officer, Council on Social Work Education, USA. darlaspencecoffey@gmail.com

Professor Pamela Singla, IASSW Board Member, Professor and Head at Department of Social Work (DSW), University of Delhi (DU), India. pamelasingla@gmail.com

Advancing Social Work Education – Series Editor: Professor Carolyn Noble

Professor Carolyn Noble, Chair, Publication Committee; Editor-in-Chief Social Dialogue; Emerita Professor, ACAP, Sydney and Victoria University, Melbourne; Senior Research Associate University of Johannesburg, South Africa. Carolyn.noble@acap.edu.au

Editorial Team:

Professor Angelina Yuen, Past President, IASSW, Professor Emeritus and former Vice President, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong King. Angie.yuen@connect.polyu.hk

Professor Eric Chui, Head, Department of Applied Social Sciences, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong wing-hong.chui@polyu.edu.hk

Associate Professor Minna Zechner, IASSW Board member, Associate Professor in Social and Health Services at the University of Helsinki, Finland. Minna.zechner@helsinki.fi

Professor Barbara Shank, IASSW Secretary, Emeritus Dean, University of St Thomas, Minnesota, USA BWShank@stthomas.edu

We hope that you will join us as a cohesive voice that resonated among the discipline that when brought together will be innovative and contemporary and forward-thinking.

Remember that the Springerbriefs would survey the field of education, policy, and research, providing a comprehensive, up-to-date, definitive social work reference with cutting edge and highly significant influences that impact on the profession currently.

We welcome your support and contribution.

Download here :IASSW’s “ADVANCING SOCIAL WORK SERIES” with SpringerBriefs-Call for book chapters