Biographies for the Encyclopedia


To: IASSW Members

From:  Lynne Healy, member, Editorial Board, Encyclopedia of Social Work Online

RE:  Biographies for the Encyclopedia

I am writing to ask for your help in identifying past leaders in social work from around the world for possible inclusion in an important reference work, the Encyclopedia of Social Work Online, published by Oxford University Press in collaboration with the National Association of Social Workers in the United States. The Encyclopedia has a section for biographies of noted social work leaders and is seeking to broaden its scope to include more leaders from diverse countries. I am asking for your help in 1) suggesting leaders from your country or region to include; and 2) suggesting possible authors for a short list of names already generated.

To be considered for inclusion, the person must be deceased and should have made important contributions to the development of social work. In most instances, their connection to social work should be clear, although for early leaders, this does not mean they need to have a specific academic degree. If you have names to suggest, please send them to me with at least a short paragraph explaining who they are and why they should be included. It would also be helpful if you can suggest a potential author (perhaps yourself).

We are currently looking for suggested authors to write about the following persons:

Aida Gindy (Egypt); Ellen Kuzwayo (South Africa); Harriet Jakobsson (Sweden); Alice Masarykova (Czechoslovakia); Ray Phillips (U.S./South Africa); Helene Radlenska (Poland); Eglantyne Jebb (England); Clifford Manshardt (U.S./India); Ilse Arlt (Austria); Octavia Hill (England).

Note that some familiar names, such as Alice Salomon, Eileen Younghusband and Rene Sand are already included in the Encyclopedia.

If you can suggest an author for any of these biographies, please send me the name and contact information. Feel free to volunteer yourself. Formal invitations to write are issued by Oxford University Press, so I cannot guarantee an invitation. Typical biographies are about 1000 words, although there is not a firm limit because this is an online publication.

I look forward to your assistance in identifying important figures from our global history and ensuring that more scholars and students will have the opportunity to learn about their contributions.

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