IASSW’s close partner on social work and social development, IFSW (International Federation of Social Workers), held its #IFSW2020Conference from July 15 to July 19, 2020. IASSW representatives were invited to join live panel discussions on the Global Agenda 2020-2030 in the African and Asia Pacific regions. Prof. Antoinette Lombard, Chair of the Global Agenda Committee of IASSW introduced the purpose of setting the Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development for the next decade. For the next Global Agenda in Africa on the theme of solidarity, she emphasised commitment to develop and nurture the various kinds of solidarities, especially the commitment to partnerships which transform society and mobilize social change to build a just society without discrimination. Looking at the Global Agenda in the Asia Pacific region, Prof. TAN Ngoh Tiong, treasurer of IASSW highlighted the COVID-19 Pandemic as the catalyst for social work reform and driving force to enhance human capital development, human capacity building, social resilience and social empowerment. In addition, he talked about the importance of innovating social work practices and developing social work models of best practices. Prof. LIU Meng, China National Representative at IASSW echoed the idea from Prof. Tan on social resilience by building solidarity at individual and community levels. She also mentioned that a task force has been formed in China to enhance international collaboration and participation in response to global challenges.


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