Dear Colleagues

This year with Covid-19 overwhelming our lives has been tough for everyone. Social work educators and practitioners, especially those involved in teaching social work students to become the best practitioners they can be whatever their setting, have had to address enormous challenges. Among many others, these include learning how to use remote technologies to teach the curriculum, engage with each other, including service users. It is important that we learn the lessons from this experience so that we can improve our teaching and learning experiences through remote technologies for future endeavours. Hence, we are asking you to complete this short survey to give us robust data on which we can identify what worked and what did not and why. It is important that we get a substantial response to this request, so please complete the survey yourself and circulate it to anyone else who you think might be interested. The anonymised results will be posted on the IASSW website, and it is hoped a refereed article will follow from it.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this survey. The analysis of your responses together with responses from colleagues around the world will help the IASSW understand academics’ and students’ experiences of Covid-19 and online teaching and learning, and advocate for social work and education and training that meets the needs of those delivering and receiving these services on transnational, international and national levels. At the beginning of the survey, you will find further details about the purpose of the research and information about concerning your voluntary consent to participate in this IASSW-inspired survey that drew on insights from the stories on its Covid-19 webpage. The survey will take you approximately 25 minutes to complete. We hope you will complete it to give us a wider range of countries than those currently on IASSW’s Covid-19 website. We would like a truly global picture of your experiences to emerge.

This research is headed by Professor Lena Dominelli (Chair, IASSW Disaster Interventions Committee, and at University of Sterling, Scotland) working with Professor Carin Cuadra (Malmö University, Sweden) and Dr Michael Wallengren-Lynch (Malmö University, Sweden).

If you wish to complete the questionnaire, please click on the link here:


Thank you!

Professor Lena Dominelli (Chair, IASSW Disaster Interventions Committee)