IASSW elections 2022:  vote on-line


The IASSW is holding elections for three positions on the IASSW Board of Directors (Treasurer and two Members at large representing all IASSW members).

The voting is organized in electronic way. You may go to the link : https://www.iassw-aiets.org/elections/elections-2022/elections-2022-announcement-of-candidates/ and vote for candidates.

Please note following points:

  • Only those members who have paid membership dues for 2022 are eligible to vote.
  • Electronic Ballot is password protected, if you OR your school has paid membership for 2022, Please ask for password – Rashmi Pandey – rashmi@iassw-aiets.org
  • The deadline for on-line e-voting is 31stMay 2022.
  • Each Member can only vote ONCE.
  • Affiliate Members do not have voting rights.

Your active participation in voting is important, Every vote matters. Kindly exercise your right to vote as paid members of IASSW and choose the individuals whom you feel are worthy of the positions.