IASSW Preconference -Paris 2017

China and Europe: dialogue around social work education and social work development

Following previous initiatives that have been realized during the EASSW conferences in   Brussel (2011) and in Milan (2015) as been organised a pre-conference in Paris 26th of June to enhance the dialogue between China and Europe on social work education. Under the moderation of the IASSW President Annamaria Campanini, the presenters delineated an update and interesting picture of the development of social work education in China. The pre-conference was well attended and offered the opportunity to  share experiences and underline similarities and differences. You can find the ppt of the three presentation:

Prof.  GUAN Xinping,: Nankai University: “The institutional development and capacity buiding of current China’s social work”. : Xinping Guan-Paris 2017


Prof.  YI, SONGGUO Shenzhen UniversityProfessor of College of Psychology and Sociology : “University teachers establishing social work agencies–Characteristic of Chinese social work development”? : Songguo Yi -Paris 2017

Prof. Kan Yip: Professor at Polythecnic University Hong Kong  A joint initiative-intégration of theory and practice to indigenise and professionalises social work” : Kan Yip-Paris PPT 2017

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