John Victor Rautenbach-National Representative of South Africa

John Victor Rautenbach-National Representative of South Africa

 Profile Details

Name: Dr John Victor Rautenbach

Email: [email protected]

Position within Board of Directors and Terms of Serving:

  • National Representative of South Africa
  • 2015 – 2019
  • Co-chair of the governance task force
  • Chair of the Standing Committee on the World Census of Social Work Programs
  • Member of the Budget and Finance Committee.

Affiliation and Position (other than IASSW):

  • Executive Committee Member of the Association of South African Social Work Education Institutions (ASASWEI).

Membership of organisations (other than IASSW):

  • Registered Social Worker with the South African Council for Social Service Professions (SACSSP)
  • Human Services Information Technology Association – member

Educational Qualification/s: (Degrees):

  • Doctorate – DPhil (Social Work): Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
  • Master of Social Science (Social Work) – M.Soc Sci (SW): University of Fort Hare
  • Bachelor of Social Science (Social Work) – B. Soc Sci (SW): Rhodes University
    (Social Work, Psychology, Industrial Sociology)

Languages written and spoken:

  • English and Afrikaans

Interest Areas (social work teaching, research and practice):

  • Clinical Social Work and Casework.
  • Relationships, Marriage and Family Transitions and Life Course Perspective.
  • Youth at Risk, Restorative Justice and Child Justice Act.
  • Community Development and Entrepreneurship.
  • Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis, Concept Analysis and Evidence Based Practice.

Current Activities (social work teaching, research, practice, others):

  • Lecturing and facilitation
  • Post graduate supervision
  • Academic writing
  • University service and administration
  • Community engagement
  • Internationalization