ECSWE 20-23 of June 2023 -Diversity and Social Work Education: Building Bridges for Sustainable Futures! Oporto – Save the date!

The European Association of Schools of Social Work and Institute of Social Work of Oporto (Instituto Superior de Serviço Social do Porto) announce the 2023 European Conference on Social Work Education, which aims to be an international forum for dialogue and discussion about concerns, challenges and practices in social work education.

In times when freedom and democracy are challenged by environmental crisis, war, insecurity, and the growth of extreme-right movements in Europe, the overarching themes of the conference are respect for diversity, equality, and the achievement of socially responsible societies. The conference promotes the mission of the EASSW towards the inalienable rights of the individual, freedom, justice, and peace to foster cooperation, collegiality, and solidarity. It builds further on the Tallin conference’s 2021 themes of resilience and innovation in working together in partnership for safer and environmentally sustainable futures.

The Conference aims to find answers to how we co-build knowledge between students, service users, academics and practitioners to address the aims and concerns outlined above. We need to find ways to develop the social work curriculum that enhances the future skills of social workers in order to “meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (UN, 1987). Social Work Education can be a lead actor in addressing our current crises in a meaningful way, by learning lessons from what has gone before and by creating renewed inter and trans-disciplinary knowledge – towards the sustainability and peace to which “future generations” have a right.

The conference invites SW educators, researchers, students, service users, activists and practitioners to engage in collaborative, innovative, creative, and proactive approaches to developing social work curricula, including ethics and values, theories, models and interventions. We aim to involve all partners in co-building bridges to promote community development, active citizenship, peace, well-being and sustainability.


– Fundamental Rights, Caring and Peace-Building Practices in SWE

– Diversity, Intersecting Inequalities and Pedagogy of Hope in SWE

– Social Work, Political Diversity and Active Citizenship in SWE

– Environmental Justice in SWE: Indigenous-, Eco-Social-, Environmental-, Green-, Post-Anthropocentric Approaches

– Innovative, Creative and Art-based Approaches in SWE

– Lessons from the Pandemic in SWE


November 20th, 2022


January 20th, 2023