IASSW statement on recent terror attacks

International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW) condemns violence and terror attacks held in recent days: on June 28thattack at the Istanbul airport (Turkey), on the 1st July massacre  in a restaurant in Dhaka (Bangladesh), on 3 July 2016, two bomb attacks were carried out in Baghdad, resulting to a mass killing of civilians.

Once again as International Association of Schools of Social Work we condemn violence and attempts to cover with religious reasons what are only criminal actions and our thoughts are with the innocents’ victims, their families and friends.

We are committed to stand up for social justice, human rights and peaceful and sustainable development and to prepare social workers that in every country of the world can spread these values and can work with people to create a culture of tolerance and respect.

The reactions to these cruelties can end in a more difficult acceptance of diversities and can create suspects and prejudices towards people that nothing have to do with these terrorists.

As an association we are committed to work with all the social actors, that share our values and concerns, at the different levels: International, regional, local to ensure that appropriate actions will be taken to advocate peaceful solutions of conflicts and end of oppression, enhancement of better life conditions for every human being and develop a peaceful and sustainable society.