International Community Work, Environment and Sustainable Development  : A READER


Carolyn Noble, NPI ACAP, Sydney and Victoria University, Melbourne Australia

Vimla  Nadkarni, IASSW (ex-TISS), Mumbai, India

Goetz Ottmann, NPI ACAP, Sydney Australia

About the book

The purpose of this proposed book is to gather how communities and community activists, academics, and practitioners, are working in and against the current neo conservative discourse and the overarching power of capitalism which determines that economic growth  and resource extractions takes precedent over community needs and resources, disrupting communities, civil society’s responses and citizen inspired democracy. We know there are many sites of resistances and development challenges and social and cultural political responses existing under the shadow of neoliberalism and capitalism and this invitation is a call for chapters to fill the book. Despite the challenges that neoliberalism, the new conservatism and new measures of surveillance and control linked to increased managerialism and accountable community work continues and in many cases has increased as key site of activism and opposition to current socio-political discourse. We want to take a feminist/structural/critical social work perspective to draw out our themes and offer some directions and responses to the current challenges and offer new ways of thinking and acting in the world that is more democratic, critical of the current economic focus and supports an ecologically sustainable Future.

The content can cover any of the following:

Community work collaboration (public-private partnerships)

Civil society and citizenship – question of morals and ethics

Environmental ethics

Alternative community work projects (national and international examples)

Environmental activism (including indigenous resistance)

Urban planning and environmental greening

Food and water security- protection of natural resources

Social work and Social economy (cooperatives/alternative economic systems)

Green consumerism

Climate change research-fact or fiction?

Who pulls the environmental strings of climate change politics?

Alternative, participatory, gender and ecologically sensitive budgeting

Social activism/social movements (international/community level)

Women, environment and sustainable development

Post-politics of climate change

This is first call for abstracts to be considered

  • Deadline: 30th January 2017
  • Length: 750 words
  • Author(s) Name and Affiliation
  • Contact address
  • All submissions should be sent to
  • Notifications of acceptance : 29th February 2017

Note: this is general call and some editing and selection will occur. A publisher will then be sought.