The IASSW Nominating Committee is looking for nominations to three vacancies on the IASSW Board of Directors.

There is one position open for Treasurer (years of serving: 2018-2022), and two positions for Member at Large of the Board of Directors (years of serving: 2018-2022). These positions are of the voluntary nature.

The IASSW 2018 Elections will be held between April and July 2018, with results announced at the General Assembly in Dublin, Ireland, July 2018.

Positions and responsibilities

The Treasurer is elected for a 4 year term and is eligible to stand for re-election for one additional term. The Treasurer is responsible for the funds of the organization including maintaining the budget and ensuring that the Board of Directors and the Officers are kept informed about the financial affairs of IASSW.

Members at Large of the Board of Directors are elected by the membership of the IASSW and serve 4 year terms representing the global membership. As Board of Directors members they are expected to regularly attend Board of Directors meetings; prepare for Board of Directors meetings by reading and considering all relevant reports; receive the biennale audit of the Association; represent the IASSW to the membership and other relevant constituencies. Members at large sit on the executive committee of the Board of Directors, and are expected to attend meetings of this committee.

Procedures and Documents

We kindly ask IASSW members to submit nominations for these positions.

Members submitting a nomination are to supply:

  • the name of the candidate and contact information, her/his IAASW membership number;
  • a full CV of the candidate;
  • their own name and contact information; an IAASW membership number;
  • the name and contact information of a seconder; an IAASW membership number.

The candidate and the proposer and seconder must all be paid members of the Association at the time of the nomination.

The Nominating Committee considers the potential candidates and uses its judgment to evaluate and select a double slate of candidates to stand for office. Once selected for the slate, each candidate must submit: 1) a brief biography of no more than 200 words; 2) a statement of the candidate’s vision for the IASSW of no more than 400 words; 3) a photo. These materials will be published with the ballot and on the website.

Nominations and documents should be sent to the Chair of the IASSW Nominating Committee, Dr. Tetyana Semigina at:

Closing Date for Nominations by Members – 15st of September 2017.