IASSW Publication: Call for articles- Social Dialogue# 20

The next issue of social dialogue would like to  address the pressing issue of trafficking and enslavement and social works response, locally, nationally and internationally.

Articles can include;  formal and informal work (wages and conditions); trafficking of women and children (sex trade and child labour) and men and boys in forced labour; critique of the financial industries supporting trafficking and enslavement; and various industries who benefit from these practices; and health issues such as experiences of displacement and trauma etc.

The focus you choose must include social works response.

Date of article: 17.12.2018

Date of publication: February 2019

Length: 2,000 words (including references)

Abstract (150 words) plus author(s) name and affiliation

Photos: Please include photos of authors and include some that highlight your articles topic

Guest commentary from Dr Doris Testa (Victoria University, Melbourne)