This is the statement issued by APASWE in front of the  Christchurch massacre. We stand in solidarity with our colleagues  and we underline our commitment  against any form of violence.

Statement from APASWE : We at APASWE are distraught and stunned with the gruesome massacre, an act of terrorism, recently in New Zealand, of all places. Our deepest condolences and love to the family of the deceased. May the Almighty give them patience and strength to undergo these difficult days. They are so much hatred and fear still in the world, in the midst of the 21st Century. How can we claim that we are civilized? Those innocent victims were being killed in mosques, a place of serenity and contemplation – it cannot get any more inhuman than that. Many things we as humans differ in, and violence must never be the answer resolving our differences. Now more so than ever, forbearance has to be the order of the day. We as social workers have to coordinate our maximum effort to eradicate Islamophobia and other forms of bigotry.

So much more to express, but for now we are in pain collectively. We stand in unity with the Muslims in New Zealand and all over the world and with the New Zealanders. We condemn bigotry, hatred and xenophobia from all.

Zulkarnain Hatta

APASWE President