Dear colleagues

I wish you all a very positive and productive WSWD 2019 and hope that you have exciting and interesting activities planned for today or around today. I will be delivering an address on behalf of ASASWEI at the DSD National event taking place today in Centurion, which is themed on the Global Agenda theme of Promoting the Importance of Human Relationships. I’ve also submitted the following message of support through SACSSP/PBSW:

On behalf of ASASWEI (Association of South African Social Work Education Institutions), I wish all social workers a meaningful and impactful World Social Work Day 2019. One day a year we tell the world what a valuable profession we are. But it is in our daily living out of social work values and aspirations that we demonstrate our value to society. Key to that is competence, including professional knowledge. I encourage all social workers to purposefully invest in developing their knowledge, through subscribing to and reading one or both of the South African social work journals.

I also attach the WSWD theme in our 11 official languages, on behalf of SACSSP.

Prof Adrian D. van Breda

President: ASASWEIAssociation of South African Social Work Education Institutionsa