IASSW President has been invited by the University of Brasilia for one week to develop a partnership with the Milano Bicocca University. During her stay she met the dean of the social Work department Prof.Valdenizia Bento Peixoto; Esther Luíza de Souza Lemos profesora de la Universidade Estadual do Oestedo Paranà President of ABEPSS-Associação Brasileira de Ensino e Pesquisa em Serviço Social and Tânia Maria Ramos Godoi Diniz, professor at Universidade Federal de São Paulo and secretary of the CFESS-Conselho Federal de Serviço Social. It was an important occasion to discuss about the criticla situation that Braxil is living with the new government and the importance for the brasilian schools to participate in IASSW. Prof. Campanini also gave a lecture on Social work in the world at the seminar on “Social work: training and organization of the professional category in the Brazilian and International context” organised by Brasilia University with the participation of representatives of CFESS / CRESS and ABEP about International social work.