Call for Papers: Social Work and HIV/AIDS

A joint publication between

the International Association of Schools of Social Work and UNAIDS

Social workers have been at the forefront of HIV work in virtually every nation and region since the beginning of the pandemic over 30 years ago.  This is not surprising since HIV has disproportionately affected poor, marginalised and stigmatised communities, and these are the very communities where social work is most engaged throughout the world. The proposed edited volume Social Work and HIV: A Global Response (working title) will document and highlight the social work response to HIV, including prevention, education, management of HIV, research, and policy development. The organising theme of the book will be based on the UNAIDS 2011-2015 ‘Getting to Zero’ campaign: Zero new infections, Zero deaths, and Zero discrimination. Specific links to social work research and/or practice should be made in the proposed contribution.

The book will be a joint e-publication between IASSW and UNAIDS, in observance of the recently signed agreement between the two organisations.

The edited volume will include contributions from every region of the world, with specific attention to nations, regions, communities and populations that have been most severely impacted by HIV.  Each chapter should include a ‘lessons learned’ section which will draw out themes and learnings that can be applied in social work practice, education, management, research and policy.

The editors are seeking 350 word abstracts by 29 February 2016.  These abstracts will be reviewed by the editorial panel, and the contributors notified within 6 weeks.  Authors will then be requested to prepare full contributions of 6000 words 1 September 2016.  We anticipate publication in time for World AIDS Day 2016 (1 December), so authors should be prepared to respond quickly to deadlines and feedback.

Abstracts should be sent no later than 29 February 2016 to Mark Henrickson at [email protected]