International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW) stand in solidarity with our colleagues and endorse the statement released by EASSW on the detention of 27 academics by the Turkish Government.
It is with great concern that we heard about the recent detention of 27 academics by the Turkish government. Among them there is one social work academic employed by a member school of our Association. After reviewing the case very carefully we have come to the conclusion that this has been a grave violation of academic freedom. Academics from different universities across the country have been demonised and vilified simply for voicing their opinions about the current political situation in the regions of Near and Middle East. Such breach of academic freedom is unacceptable, alarming and has no place in contemporary Europe.

We are following the events very closely and we are in constant communication with our Turkish colleagues. Our solidarity with academics from Turkey, who try to do their academic work in a very challenging and increasingly dangerous environment, is unconditional and solid.

We will continue monitoring the situation and – depending on how events will unfold- we will soon announce a set of concrete actions in support of our social work colleagues and in defence of academic freedom.