Social Dialogue  (edition 14)

The next edition of social dialogue ( is focusing on

The Global Agenda for social work and social development; commitment to action.

Editors Carolyn Noble and Antoinette Lombard

A call for papers/articles/ activities/case studies/ posters and other publicity material highlighting one or all of the four themes. The four themes are: Promoting social and economic equalities; Promoting the dignity and worth of peoples; Promoting environmental and community sustainability; and Strengthening recognition of the importance of human relationships.

We are interested in incorporating the notion of human dignity in your response to one or all of the themes.  We know that the global agenda report is being prepared for  the Seoul conference but we want more personal/ reflective and /or scholarly articles for this edition to complement this report.

As always each article word length is 2,000 (with references) and must include photos of authors, and, if possible, another photos which links to the theme  of the article giving you more options to elect the most appropriate theme to address.

Given we want to have this edition ready for Seoul we have an absolute deadline of 8th May 2016.

Send all articles to Editor-in-chief,

Prof. Carolyn Noble ( or