IASSW Statement on human dignity

The International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW) is committed to a just and inclusive world and endorses human dignity as a social work value and human right which is reflected in social work education programmes, educational strategies and policies, and research.

The IASSW is committed to inclusiveness by treating all people equally and with respect so that they feel being valued, included, having purpose, and their well-being promoted. Human dignity is regarded as inherent in all human beings. Being treated equally and with dignity is the foundation of human rights. It is the right that all people have to be respected because they are humans; regardless of class, race, gender, nationality, culture, sexual orientation, education, religion or any other divisions. Human dignity should not have to be earned, it is inherent in the human.

Human dignity signifies the freedom to associate politically, spiritually, socially, or intimately with a sense of responsibility and respect, with whomever one chooses on the basis of one’s abilities or choices, and to have one’s selfhood, identity, and associations respected without fear of negative interference from social groups or political authorities.

IASSW recognises the importance of people exercising their rights and fulfilling their responsibilities without infringing on those of others. This would require consideration for the potential impact on others at all levels – from interpersonal to international.

IASSW Statement on human dignity FINAL