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IASSW Election 2018

A Statement about Memberships

To our valued IASSW members:

Over the last few months, IASSW has been advised by a small subset of members who had signed up for an IASSW Membership using their credit cards that their membership was renewed automatically, without their authorization. We deeply apologize for this problem, and we are very embarrassed.

Upon investigation, it was found that this was due to the way our new membership system was setup, specifically the payment processing gateway we were using. Rest assured that all payments are processed securely and with the highest standards, and that no data was shared beyond IASSW’s control. This was an internal issue affecting a small subset of users and this has now been fixed, as of April 12th, 2017.

Our vendor has now completely revamped the membership software, so that this issue does not arise again. All financial membership data has been erased from the credit card processing gateway. Going forward, all memberships will have to be renewed manually. If you wish to read the technical explanation & solution from our vendor, please follow this link.

We apologize most sincerely for this issue, and for the inconvenience it has caused all of us. If you discover any credit card charges from IASSW that do not have your approval, please contact the IASSW Executive Officer at [email protected] and send us the documentation of the charge. We will ensure that you are refunded if you wish.

Thank you.