The International Association of Schools of Social Work

Est. 1928

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IASSW’s Message For Peaceful Engagement With Social Justice, Opposing And Condemning Racism, Discrimination And Violence

IASSW opposes and condemns racism, discrimination, intolerance and violence in all its pernicious and evil forms, and condemns those governments, quasi-governments and individuals who perpetrate racism, discrimination and support intolerance and violence. We condemn racist acts and people or industries that make and sell the weapons and other equipment that allow terrorists to carry out their violent intentions. Our condemnation does not change according to country, race, ethnicity, religion, or other circumstance. IASSW does support robust conversations undertaken in goodwill to address and resolve injustices around the world that have grown from years of oppression, colonialism, and religious and economic hegemony. The history of discrimination and oppression, however, cannot in any way justify contemporary violence and acts of terror and racism which can only perpetuate the oppressive cycle of violence, and do nothing to advance social justice or peace. The great religions of the world only advocate peaceful resolution of conflict and complaints. Social work educators also teach peaceful engagement for social justice in our classrooms, support it in our research, and are prepared to engage with anyone of goodwill who is interested in addressing and resolving historical or modern grievances with the goal of social justice and an end to racism and oppression in all its forms.



IASSW is the worldwide association of schools of social work, other tertiary-level social work educational programmes, and social work educators.

The IASSW promotes the development of social work education throughout the world, develops standards to enhance the quality of social work education, encourages international exchange, provides forums for sharing social work research and scholarship, and promotes human rights and social development through policy and advocacy activities.

Become a Member

An IASSW Membership offers a wide range of benefits to our members, and also let’s you support the organization.

Some of the benefits included in the IASSW Membership are reduced fees for biennial world conferences/congresses, access to the Social Dialogue magazine, access to a worldwide network of social work educators, eligibility to post job announcements, conference flyers, etc. on the IASSW website as well as Facebook and Twitter accounts, and more…

Recent News & Announcements

IASSW Elections 2020

Announcement Of Results
New Board Members for 2020-2024

The Results of the IASSW Elections 2020 were announced on 30th July, 2020 during the General Assembly.

IASSW Committees

Disaster Intervention, Climate Change and Sustainability Committee

IASSW initially set up the Disaster Intervention, Climate Change and Sustainability Committee in 2010, following the failure of the UNFCCC COP meeting in Copenhagen in 2009. Its aim was to prepare policies, materials and inputs into the United Nations’ discussions on climate change and other disasters.

IASSW UN Representation

The International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW) is a non-governmental organization in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council since 1947. IASSW is particularly having a team at New York and Geneva and in process of representations at Bangkok, Nairobi and Vienna.

International Projects

IASSW invites proposals for projects, that are designed to advance social work education internationally. Grants of up to US $4.000 are available for proposals that can be expected to contribute to the implementation of the IASSW Mission Statement, and to the enhancement of collaboration among schools of social work world-wide.

Review of World Census

Every ten years, the International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW) conducts a world census of social work education programs offering at least one-degree program in social work.
The major outcome of the census is a directory of contact details for all social work education programs in the world.

Social Dialogue Magazine

Issue 22 — Social Work: Key Lessons from its Troubled Past

Issue 22 of the Social Dialogue magazine was released in April 2020 and includes topics such as ‘Never again!’ Social Work’s Darkest Episode, Social Work and Social Care Under National Socialism, The Age of Apology – The Challenge for Social Work Continues, and Social Work’s Past, Present and Future: When Will We Ever Learn.

Social Dialogue 21
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