IASSW Structure

A General Assembly of the IASSW is usually convened once in two years, usually during the biennial congress. Representatives of IASSW member schools, and individual members, are invited to attend the General Assembly, participate in the discussions and vote.

The Board of Directors consists of the officers, the presidents of the five IASSW regions, representatives of national, sub-regional and regional associations, representatives of interest groups, and four members at large elected by the entire membership. The board usually meets twice a year.

The Executive Committee consists of the officers, the regional presidents and the members at large. The executive committee meets before every board meeting.

The three Officers of the association are the president, the secretary and the treasurer. They are elected directly by the entire membership.

Much of the business of the association is managed by Committees and Task forces . Members of the association are invited to join committees and contribute to their work.

For more complete and precise information, please consult the IASSW Constitution at :https://www.iassw-aiets.org/about-iassw/constitution/