Period Name of President
1928/29-1946 Alice Salomon (Germany, than – USA) Alice Salomon (Germany) -President 1929-1946
1946-1953 René Sand (Belgium) René Sand (Belgium) President 1946 – 1953
1954-1961 Jan Floris de Jongh (Netherlands) Jan Floris de Jongh (Netherlands) President 1954-1961
1961-1968 Eileena Younghusband (United Kingdom) Dame Eileen Younghusband (United Kingdom) President 1961-1968
1968-1976 Herman D Stein (USA) Herman D. Stein (USA) President 1968 – 1976
1976-1980 Robin Huws Jones (United Kingdom) Robin Huws Jones (United Kingdom) President 1976- 1980
1980-1988 Heiner Schiller (Germany) Heinrich Schiller (Germany) President 1980 – 1988
1988-1996 Ralph Garber (Canada)  Dr. Ralph Garber (Canada) President 1988 – 1996
1996-2004 Lena Dominelli (United Kingdom) Lena Dominelli (United Kingdom) President 1996 – 2004
2004-2008 Abye Tasse (Ethiopia) Prof. Abye Tasse (Ethiopia) President 2004-2008
2008-2012 Angelina Yuen (Hong Kong)Angelina Yuen (Hong Kong)
2012-2016 Vimla Nadkarni (India) Vimla Nadkarni (India)
2016-2020 Annamaria Campanini (Italy)

Note: This Preface, as well as the chapters you can download through the links beside the different Presidents, are from the book Seibel F. W., Global Leaders for Social work Education. The IASSW President 1928-2008, Brno, ECSPRESS- Edition.


Presidents of IASSW 1928-2008