January 2018-University of Zagreb, Croatia

The Symposium ”Social Work Education and Practice – Dance on Wire“ was held on 29th January 2018 at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb organized by the Department of Social Work, Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb, International Association of Schools of Social Work and the Croatian Chamber of Social Workers and under the patronage of the City of Zagreb, Mayor Milan Bandić and the Ministry of Demography, Family, Youth and Social policy. The aims of this Symposium were: 1. To provide an overview of the relationship between social work theory and practice (value aspects, commonalities, differences, discrepancies in mission and vision) from an international and Croatian contexts of social work education; 2. To present and discuss the realities of the process of transferring educational content to the practice fields and vice versa from different country perspectives; 3. To discuss main trends visible in regional contexts regarding balancing of social work education and practice as well as from the perspective of International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW ).Symposium_SW_EducationandPractice