Profile Details

Name: Jessica H. Jönsson


Position within Board of Directors and Terms of Serving:
Member at large of the International Association of Schools of
Social Work.

Affiliation and Position (other than IASSW): Associate professor and research fellow, School of Law, Psychology and Social work at Örebro University, Sweden.

Membership of organisations (other than IASSW): Member of Social Work Action Network – International (SWAN-I); an international network of radical and critical social workers across the world in solidarity, fighting for social justice.

Educational Qualification/s: (Degrees): MA and Ph.D. in Social Work

Languages written and spoken: Swedish, English

Interest Areas (social work teaching, research and practice): Critical and radical social work education and research, theory development in social work, critical pedagogy, decolonization of social work education and research, West-centrism and ethical challenges for social work as a globalised and sociopolitical field facing rapid neoliberal transformations.

Current Activities (social work teaching, research, practice, others): Teaching “International social work”, “Social work in a globalized world” and “Social work and social policy for a sustainable future” at Örebro University in Sweden. Jönsson’s research areas include: “Critical and comparative research on forced migration and integration”, “Front-line practices of social work in European societies”, “The conditions of globally displaced older refugees in war zones, at borders and in refugee camps and its implications for social work as a human rights profession”, “Neoliberal transformations of contemporary social work professionalism in the Nordic welfare states” and “Global social work ethics and international field training”.