Picture1Profile Details

Name:  Barbara W. Shank

Email:  bwshank@stthomas.edu

Position within Board of Directors and Terms of Serving:  Secretary 2016-2020 re-elected for 2020-2024

Affiliation and Position (other than IASSW):  St. Catherine University, University of St. Thomas, School of Social Work, Dean and Professor

Membership of organizations (other than IASSW): Chair of the Board of Directors, CSWE (Council on Social Work Education)

President, ICSD (International Consortium for Social Development)

NASW (National Association of Social Workers)

Co-Chair, International Task Force, NADD (National Association of Deans and Directors of School of Social Work)

BPD, Association of Baccalaureate Program Directors

Educational Qualification/s: (Degrees): BA, MSW, PhD

Languages written and spoken: English

Interest Areas (social work teaching, research and practice): Social Work Administration, Online Doctoral Education, Curriculum Development and Program Accreditation

Current Activities (social work teaching, research, practice, others):   Social Work Administration, Program Development, Conservatorship Responsibilities

Narrative:  Dr. Barbara W. Shank graduated from Macalester College with a BA in sociology and earned her MSW and PhD from the University of Minnesota. She has been engaged in social work administration for over thirty-five years, starting as BSW Field Coordinator and BSW Program Director and currently as the founding Dean and Professor of the School of Social Work, University of St. Thomas, St. Catherine University.

In July 2016, she was elected to serve the International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW) as secretary from 2016-2020.

Her research and current interests include social work education administration, curriculum and program development, online doctoral education, conservatorship responsibilities and ‘teaching to mission’. She has served BPD (Baccalaureate Program Directors) as Program and Conference Chair; NADD (National Association of Deans and Directors of Schools of Social Work) as President, Program Chair and Treasurer; International Consortium on Social Development (ICSD) as newsletter editor; National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Minnesota Chapter as President; and the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) as commissioner on Commission on Accreditation, Commission on Educational Policy, Global Education and Research, as well as serving as a certified site visitor. She is currently serving as CSWE Board Chair, ICSD President; Catholic Charities USA, Board of Trustees and NADD Co-Chair International Task Force.

Under her leadership, the School of Social Work at St.Kates/St.Thomas has grown from 50 students to over 600, 6 to 59 full and part-time faculty and one to five programs offering five professional development institutes. In 2003 the School established the Interprofessional Center for Counseling and Legal Service (IPC) in collaboration with the School of Law and Graduate Program in Professional Psychology.  In 2014, the School of Social Work launched a DSW online program with a focus on ‘Teaching as Practice’.