There are THREE Default ad spots available on the IASSW website that are designed to give your campaign the maximum exposure it deceivers. The IASSW website gets visitors from around the world and your product/service will be promoted in the best possible way on the IASSW website. The three default spots available are as follows:

  1. Super Wide on Homepage – 728×90
  2. Sidebar Top – 336×280
  3. Sidebar Bottom – 336×280

The Super Wide Spot on the homepage is our most premium ad spot and gets you prime real-estate on the IASSW homepage. The two Sidebar spots appear on all pages that display the sidebar.


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Super Wide (Homepage): $500 per week
Sidebar Top: $250 per week
Sidebar Bottom: $180 per week


Dimensions: As stated above
Format: PNG (Recommended), JPG or GIF
Reporting Metrics available: Clicks


— Banner Ad should be received by us no later than FOUR working days prior to campaign start date, sent via email.
— Maximum of 2 creative revisions for site-served creatives are allowed per 6-week period for active campaigns.
— Maximum of 3 creatives per site-served placement.
— Maximum of 5 creatives per third-party served placement.

All ads subject to administrator’s approval. IASSW reserves the right to refuse any advertisement. For technical clarification and Ad Contact: Ms. Rashmi Pandey, Email:

Note: Third party ad-tracking HTML code is accepted, with exceptions. Kindly email with your sample code for clarifications.