Procedures and time-line

This APPLICATION FORM contains all elements of the Selection Criteriadocument and should be read with theProcedures and Guidance: IASSW Regional Resource Centres

PLEASE COMPLETE THE FORM BELOW. The first table concerns your current position while the second table asks what you would do as a Regional Resource Centre (RRC).  In addition please provide a brief DRAFT FIRST YEAR STRATEGY to illustrate the activities for the RRC in the first year.

This informationis the basis of the Selection Committee’s process.

IASSW requirements
 Please provide evidence of:
1   institutional membership, minimum of 3 years (membership number)
2 your accordance with the vision and mission of IASSW
3  your activities in synergy with the Global Agenda
4  working closely with the Regional Association in regional developments
5  support from your  IASSW regional and/or National Associations
6  your institution as an accredited and recognised institution for SW education

·         locally,

·         by the professional association

·         and by the government

signifying that you have a mandate to offer social work education programmes at the postgraduate level and above

7  your provision of culturally appropriate practices
8  a good track record of high quality education and training programmes
9  commitment to capacity building (non-profit making)

As a Regional Resource Centre please demonstrate that you can provide the following:

IASSW requirements
As a RRC, explain how  the new RRC activities be:
10  in accordance with the vision and mission of IASSW
 11  in synergy with the Global Agenda
12   based on close collaboration with the Regional Association (ESSENTIAL)

How will you enter into partnership with the Regional Association?


what are the proposed methods for collaborating with them?

13  culturally appropriate
14  monitored and evaluated in order to establish and maintain high quality provision
15  your capacity to put on regular events
16  your access to venues and facilities
 17 a clear rationale for the geographical area identified for your RRC’s capacity building activities


your methods for future collaboration

18  details of how the budget will be spent over the three years (more detail in the draft of year one).


plans for generating further funds on the basis of being designated an IASSW Regional Resource Centre

 Janet Williams Chair Capacity Building Committee 2016