The IASSW promotes the development and expansion of social work education in accordance with its mission statement; the establishment of IASSW Regional Resource Centres is one manifestation of this aim.  IASSW supports the establishment of Regional Centres from amongst institutional members with strong regional networks in the geographical areas that the IASSW and Regional Associations have prioritized for capacity building.

Regional Resource Centres will be expected to develop and implement a regional strategy to provide high quality capacity building programmes, lead region-relevant research projects and offer learning opportunities for academic staff and students in the social work arena.

IASSW will involve the relevant Regional Association and will require applicants to engage with them. Once established, Regional Resource Centres are encouraged to enter into partnerships with their Regional Associations in order to promote further activities.

The appointment is normally for three years, with the proviso that this can be shortened if the annual review raises concerns. At the end of the third year’s appointment, a thorough review of each Regional Centre will be carried out by IASSW to make sure that the Regional Resource Centre has fully fulfilled its assigned role and to decide on the continuation of the appointment where appropriate.  It is envisaged that Resource Centres will continue in their role beyond three years but without further funding from the IASSW.

Procedures and time-line

This document should be read with Procedures and Guidance: IASSW Regional Resource Centres

  • Application submission deadlines will be published;
  • The Selection Committee will be established in readiness for the submission date;
  • Applications will go to the chair of the Capacity Building Committee who will immediately forward them to the Selection Committee;
  • The Selection Committee chair will send the decision with a report on each applicant to the chair of the capacity building committee and the President within six weeks of the submission date;
  • All applicants will be notified by the chair of the capacity building committee within one month of the feedback report being received.  The successful applicant will send a strategy plan for the first year and details of the launch of the RCC to the chair of the capacity building committee.
  • The chair of the capacity building committee will inform the Treasurer who will arrange for the first portion of funds to be transferred to the successful applicant.
  • At the end of the first year an evaluation report is returned to the IASSW which, if satisfactory, will trigger the final tranche of funds;
  • At the end of the second and third year reports should be sent to the chair of the Capacity Building Committee.

Procedure to assess applications

The Capacity Building committee of IASSW will form a Selection Committee among its members who will evaluate applications and priorities them in light of the IASSW’s capacity building priorities and resources.

Regional Resource Centre Criteria:

The tables below contain the criteria required of IASSW Regional Resource Centres, as developed by the Capacity Building Committee and agreed by the IASSW Board.  It is helpful if applicants can provide a draft strategy for the first year which will serve to illustrate how they intend to work.


This information in the tables below can be used as both a check list for applicants and as the basis of the Selection Committee’s process.

IASSW requirements
Is there evidence of:
1   institutional membership, minimum of 3 years
2 accordance with the vision and mission of IASSW
3  working closely with the Regional Association in regional developments
4  support from their respective IASSW regional and/or national associations
5  being an accredited and/or recognised institution

·        locally,

·        by the professional association

·        and by the government

signifying their mandate to offer social work education programmes at the postgraduate level and above

6 provision of culturally appropriate practices
7 good track record of high quality education and training programmes
8 commitment to capacity building (non-profit making)


As a Regional Resource Centre the application should demonstrate that they can provide the following:

IASSW requirements
As a RRC, how well will their activities be:
9 be in accordance with the vision and mission of IASSW
10  be based on close collaboration with the Regional Association

How do they envisage entering into partnership with the Regional Association?


what are the proposed methods for collaborating with them?

11  culturally appropriate
13  monitored and evaluated in order to establish and maintain high quality provision
As an RRC will they have:
14  capacity to put on regular events
15  access to venues and facilities
 16 clear rationale for identifying the geographical area identified for the RRC’s capacity building activities


an outline of methods for future collaboration

17  detailed plan of how the budget will be spent and


plans for generating further funds on the basis of being designated an IASSW Regional Resource Centre


Reporting back the decision

The chair of the Selection Committee will report back to the Chair of the Capacity Building Committee and the President within 2 months of receiving the applications.

To be accountable to the Board and for feedback to the applicants, the Selection Committee will provide a report with the following information:

  • The outcome of their application
  • Strengths and potential
  • Areas for attention or strengthening
  • Any other general points of note


New Regional Resource Centres

Once notified, the new RRC will provide a first year strategy, or a firm plan from the draft submitted, taking into account any feedback from the Selection Committee. Details of the launch will be asked for.  Funds, 60%, will be forwarded to the RRC on receipt of the plan and launch information.

IASSW will publicise the appointment as widely as possibly through the IASSW web site, the Regional Association, Social Dialogue magazine, conferences and events attended by the Executive Committee.

Requirements in the first year

The successful RRC will provide an annual plan, taking into account the feedback from the Selection Committee.  This will be received by the chair of the capacity building committee within two months of receiving the award of RRC.

The strategy for year one should include:

  • Plans to take account of the feedback from the Selection Committee
  • Activities planned with regard to the criteria, and methods of evaluating these outcomes
  • Planned expenditure and plans for generating further funds

At the end of the first, second and third year all Resource Centres will submit an annual report to the Capacity Building Committee to include:

  • The activities achieved during the last year, targets planned for the next year with clear outputs highlighting the contributions made by the Resource Centre and future challenges.
  • A financial statement demonstrating how the budget has been spent, planned expenditure for the following year and plans for generating further funds. The final tranche of money (remaining 40%) will be available after a satisfactory first year report.

At the end of the third year the IASSW will undertake a thorough review of the RRC.  If this is satisfactory the RRC can maintain its status by sending short annual statements.  There is no further funding from IASSW.


Darla Spence Coffey Chair Capacity Building Committee

September 2020