Message from the Chairs  |  Message from the Conference Advisors 


January 15-16, 2021(Recording below):

> Eileen Younghusband Award Lecture

> Opening Keynote Address


March 16 – 18, 2021:
Series of symposiums, workshops, poster presentations and regional sessions

  • Special Sessions of World Social Work Day 2021 

April 14 – 17, 2021:

Main conference and special sessions

  • Katherine Kendall Memorial Award  Lecture
  • Closing Keynote Address


For the sessions in March and April, participants are required to register for paid tickets in order to gain access of the conference platform. Please complete the below form accordingly.

  • If you wish to request sponsored tickets from IASSW or ICSW, please write to us at [email protected] with details.
  • If you consider you are a valid member of IASSW or ICSW but do not receive the discount code, please write to IASSW or ICSW membership coordinator directly.


Registration Cost:

  • Non-members: US50
  • Members of IASSW/ICSW: US20
  • Social Work Students: US10 [Paid members of IASSW or ICSW could receive a student sponsorship code for up to 10 social work students. Please write to IASSW or ICSW membership coordinator directly.]


To join IASSW or ICSW membership, please visit:

> IASSW Membership Registration
> ICSW Membership Registration

**Only participants registered for sessions in January, March and April would receive the certificate of attendance of the conference. **